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1 No "young" as in underage models, or made to look underage

2 No schoolgirl, or children outfits

3 Do send as many pictures as you would like. The more the better. We reserve the right though to post which ones we find suitable. Try and keep it at an R(ish) rating.

4 Did we say do send pictures?  We are an amateur site and depend on viewer contributions like yours.

5 Please, no man boobs or weiners, pretty please

6 Do not send hidden cam pictures.

7 Do not steal pictures from another site.  Pictures stamped with a logo or site name will not be posted.

8 No copyrighted pictures allowed. We are an amateur site featuring nude art.

9 Zip files and .exe files will go straight to the trash

10 Models and submitter must be 18 or older

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By submitting pictures you are agreeing that you and the model are 18 years old or older and that your pictures may be posted on the internet for the world to see.

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